We will at all times listen to you. Very often what a patient wants and what a dentist thinks the patient wants is never the same.

 We will honour our obligations to offer you the best available treatment and all the alternatives. Many dentists will steer you in a direction that may not be suitable for your particular situation.

 We will ensure that our staff and practicing procedures are the most modern and comprehensive available in the world and comply with all codes of practice as laid down by the New Zealand Dental Council and the New Zealand Dental Association.

 We will not shy away from seeking second opinions if necessary, and we will encourage it if it offers the patient the best.

 We appreciate that you chose us and encourage you to take part in your treatment with us. We want you involved and we want to share with you, the care that will be required to be taken by you and us during your teeth's life.

 We will teach you how you can care for your teeth for the rest of your life so as you will never need second rate options.

 We will be honest and treat you with the same care we would expect if we were in your position.

 We expect you to tell us when something is not as it should be!

 To help you understand what is required on your part to make all your treatments successful.

 To ensure that you enjoy your time with us.