Intravenous sedation - "sleep" sedation

This method of sedation is used for the very nervous patient or offered to patients who may undergo long surgery.

An intravenous line is placed in the vein the arm through which a drug called hypnoval is introduced. This is slowly injected till the desired amount of sedation is reached.At that stage local anaesthetic is also placed on the tooth to be treated .

The advantage of this system is that you are at all times in control of your own reflexes therefore the need to be hospitalised and placed under general anaesthetic is not necessary. Though you are awake during the procedure the sedation agent acts so that you have no memory of the procedure afterwards so in effect you feel that you were asleep during it.

The only disadvantage is that you must have a responsible adult to pick you up and stay with you for a few hours after the procedure.

At all times you are monitored by a pulse oximeter which allows us to monitor your vital signs and ensure we give you the best treatment.