We make both single and double mouthguards. These are custom made and are a must for any of our modern sporting population. We can make them coloured to suit your sports team.

Single mouthguards are usually made for the top teeth only. They can be made single thickness or double thickness

Double mouthguards are wear for certain sports or requests we can make a mouthguard that protects both the upper and lower teeth.

Treatment of Sporting accidents

See also: Knocked out tooth

We offer our patients the ability to contact us over the weekend if they have had a sporting injury. Any sporting injury where teeth are broken need immediate attention to minimise exposure of an exposed nerve or nerves and to have them sealed as soon as possible to minimise infection of the nerve.

The most important treatment all should remember is where a tooth is totally knocked out. The first thing to do is immediately pick it up, place it in the side of the patients cheek - between the cheek and gum of the lower teeth and "wash" it in your saliva - then immediately reinsert it in it's socket. Please ensure you place it in the socket the right way round!