Denture Ulcers

These will be due to either the denture rubbing on a part of your mouth, because they may, as the “gum shrinks”, be now deeper seated in the soft area of the mouth.

Also the denture bite may have over the years changed and the dentures every time you bite them together move enough to have them rub and so create an ulcer.


  • Leave them out when it is not necessary to have them in.
  • Use either half a glass of relatively hot water (not boiling!) add a teaspoon of salt to it and half a soluble dispirin (aspirin) rinse each mouthful for 10 seconds and spit it out. Do this as many times a day as you can.
  • Also you can get a small bottle of Glycerine and Thymol from the chemist and do the same as the hot salt mouthwash.
  • If after a few days of this you find that the ulcer reappears then it is time to see your dentist .