Knocked out tooth

This is due to an unforeseen blow, which is so concentrated in its direction that a tooth is totally knocked out whole. Common ones are hockey, squash, and rugby, sailing among others.

If you play these sports make sure that as part of your or your coaches first aid equipment there is a small bottle of isotonic saline solution (Check the use by date and keep it current) also some plastic food wrap. Also some playdough, this is applied after the tooth is placed back in it's socket to keep the tooth steady.


  • If it is clean, do not pick it up by the root but by the tooth crown and immediately replace it in the socket, right way round! And seek dental treatment from your dentist.
  • If it is dirty and you can get some milk then wash it in that otherwise as often is the case there is no milk, no plastic food wrap or plastic bag to keep it in so place it in the cheek pouch and get to your dentist or medical centre. They should then clean it in isolyte solution, replant it and give you a tetanus toxoid injection and antibiotics for 7 days.
  • Ideally the tooth must be splinted to the other teeth so it is imperative to get to see a dentist or even go to the local hospital, the emergency departments will be able to contact a dentist

Give patient some pain relief panadol, nurofen, nurofen plus, and panadeine.