Continuous Toothache

  • If the pain is continuous or comes in waves
  • If it woke you up in the middle of the night or prevented you from going to sleep
  • If the pain is made worse by hot and cold makes it better
  • or if cold makes it worse and the pain dies down but does not go away totally after 30seconds
  • if the tooth is also tender to touch or tap or you cannot put any pressure on it or bring your teeth together with out it causing pain

Then this usually implies that your “nerve” in your tooth is dying or becoming infected because the “nerve” may have died sometime ago. If this situation is left unattended this will get worse and an abscess will probably form.

You must see a dentist as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the surrounding areas of the tooth.

This problem may have been caused because you have a “hole” in your tooth or decay.

It may be that the tooth “nerve” has not been able to take any more usage and it has finally died. In some of these cases the tooth does not necessarily need to be broken down it may be filled and not have any problems with it on the outside. It just that “it's time is up”.


If this is what is wrong with the tooth then the alternatives are either extraction of the tooth or root canal therapy in order to save the tooth and remove the infection/dead “nerve”. The advantage of the root canal therapy is that you keep the tooth!