Quick Toothache

  • Pain to cold, only lasts 15 seconds
  • Sensitive to sweet things
  • Pain when “I suck in air”
  • May be sensitive to hot but again only lasts a few seconds

This usually is either a new decaying hole OR a leaky filling OR chipped filling OR gums which have receded and again the nerve within the root of the tooth is exposed to the “elements”.


You must see you dentist as the decaying hole will get bigger and you may then be faced with more complex work required to repair the problem.

The leaky or chipped fillings will “catch” plaque and food debris and this will give rise to decay in due course, so it is advisable to attend to these problems early and minimise the consequental damage.

With the receding gums your dentist will advise what correct brush and method to use and also perhaps prescribe desensitising creams or solutions to prevent this problem from recurring.